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The Environmental Impact of Mesh Panels?

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I think we all are conscious of the impact we have on the environment. In Sweden, we separate e.g. paper, glass, plastic, metal and food waste. We think about how we travel and how much energy we consume in our homes. I do, just like you, whatever I can do that will hopefully benefit the environment and lead to a brighter future. And of course, as the President of a global company with several production units, environment and sustainability issues are key.

Troax mesh panels.

Possible environmental dangers

Naturally, there are several possible environmental dangers in the process that we must control! Here are a few of them:

• Energy consumption
• Cleaning of raw materials (especially steel)
• Possible exhausts to air, water etc
• Heat generation
• CO2 emissions from transport etc.

Goals at external sites

We want to know our suppliers and customers and have a dialogue, to create a flow where our products have less impact from beginning to end. Therefore, at external sites we will add:

• Cleaning of products from dust etc
• Reuse
• Recycling at the end of the lifetime

As seen above, there are several
potential issues that exist!

This is what we do today

We have been approved by the ISO 14001 standard in our main manufacturing site in Sweden for many years. To reduce our footprint on the environment, Troax try to manufacture as much as possible. The methods below are the ones that we follow today:

• Reusing the heat in the manufacturing process
• When we invest, we look at how we can minimize the impact on the environment
• Installation of LED lights
• Avoiding plastics in products
• Recycling product materials/develop products which use less raw materials
• Closed cleaning systems for air and water
• Biogas for energy instead of using natural gas’s
• Connecting machines with one another to minimize stops (which are harmful to the environment)
• Investing in wind operations
• Routing system for transport to reduce emissions
• Regional manufacturing decreases transportation
• Evaluating and influencing our suppliers to be environmentally friendly

Troax energy consumption 2016-2018.

What about the future?

Over time, solar energy panels can be justified and used as a power source for our factories. The degree of efficiency is improving, and it would be wonderful, of course, to be self-supporting on electricity in the near future. We will follow the development!

This never-ending process will continue until we and other companies are emission free.

This is the ultimate goal!

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Thomas Widstrand, President and CEO
Thomas Widstrand
President and CEO