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Quick Guard Aluminium

The Quick Guard system is a combination of aluminium profiles in various sizes assembled with either mesh or polycarbonate together with special fixings. The profiles and infills can be ordered in any size,  making it very flexible which creates endless possibilites for your machine guard enclosure.

There are two versions of Quick Guard, Standard and Quick Guard Express. Quick Guard Express is ordered in standard size sections based on few components, easy to assemble. Just calculate the number of doors requested and meters to cover and you are ready to order on fixed article numbers.

With Quick Guard Standard, you get the full flexibility of the system with many options and clever solutions like hatches, small spaces, and infill combinations. You can also use various infill materials like laminated glass, sound absorbers and steel sheets.

The Quick Guard system is installed as a fixed installation in areas where there is low risk for an impact. The system is impac tested and withstands impacts from 300-500 joules.

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