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The cornerstone of Troax’ business is to protect people, property, and processes using products and solutions within machine guarding, warehousing and storage. Everything we do is based on a high level of customer focus, respect for others, and international cooperation. 

Business Model

Troax is a leading global supplier of area protection for indoor use within the areas of machine guarding, warehouse and industrial walls, and storage solutions. All our mesh panel solutions are metal-based. We supply products of the highest quality and functionality, using automated and eco-friendly production processes. The company supplies competitive and flexible modular systems for warehouse partitioning, mesh walls, and machine guarding according to laws and regulations. Troax constantly strives to react quickly and professionally to customer needs. We believe it important to be a local and global partner, able to offer reliability, expertise, service, and support.

A diagram showing Troax segments: Machine guarding 65%, Warehouse partitioning 21% and Property protection 14%.
Blue Troax mesh panel
Troax machine guarding

Machine guarding

We provide high quality steel panels for flexible solutions and maximum safety.
Warehouse partitioning

Warehouse partitioning

We offer unique combinations for custom-made solutions to suit all specific needs and requirements.
Property protection, storage

Property protection

Adaptable solutions for unique storage spaces, designed to suit and secure your storage needs.


Our values permeate everything we do, and the whole of our corporate structure. We listen and engage to put the customer in focus. We believe in supplying high-quality solutions, products, and services. Troax is also a company that cares about people at a deeper level. That’s why we always act ethically, with integrity and professionalism as our guiding stars. We put a lot of emphasis on collaboration between colleagues, customers, and suppliers. 

Two persons meeting in a conference room.
Two women at a production site.


Protecting people from production machinery in automated environments.

A man carrying a mesh panel suitable for property protection and storage


Protecting objects in warehouses and residential areas through safe storage.

A man standing by a Troax machine guarding.


Protecting sensitive processes against human interference, through access control.

Troax Safety Center flower.


Troax has a dedicated R&D department, the Troax Safety Center, which in conjunction with the other departments constantly works to optimize our products and system solutions. We’ve brought together our know-how and experience here, to be able to continue to lead all others in our industry. All our products undergo extensive testing to maintain the highest standard possible.


Troax’ biggest and most important production unit is in Hillerstorp, Sweden. This is a highly automated and in many ways industry-leading factory. We control production from here according to customer orders, applying Lean production techniques, along with a simple, integrated production process.

One of Troax production lines

Troax constantly seeks to boost efficiency and improve the production process, along with the logistics structure. We make continuous investments to improve our capacity, cut delivery times and boost flexibility for the customer. Hillerstorp produces over 1,000,000 meters of metal-based mesh panels every year. Apart from Hillerstorp, we also have production units in Birmingham (UK), Shanghai (China), Bulciago (Italy), Chicago (USA), and Sroda (Poland). 

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Troax production units in the world, map
The forest in Hillerstorp, Sweden, surrounding the Troax factory.


Honesty, integrity and legal compliance are major elements of our corporate structure, and the work we do. Our aim is to work sustainably and long-term with our environmental goals, and to monitor them carefully. We protect people, property and processes, but also the planet. 


Troax business area - Nordics

Nordic Countries

Troax is represented in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Our main production unit and head office are in Hillerstorp, Sweden.

Business area - Continental Europe

Continental Europe

Apart from the Nordics and Great Britain, Troax is represented in large parts of Continental Europe. We acquired Satech in 2014, the leading supplier of mesh panel solutions in Italy. Sales volume supplied to Continental Europe is mainly produced at our production unit in Hillerstorp, Sweden, and at Satech’s facilities in Bulciago, Italy. The acquisition of Natom Logistic also means we have a strong position in Poland, and have strengthened our total range within mesh shelving systems and mesh partitions.

Troax business area - UK

Great Britain

Troax is represented in Great Britain and Ireland. Products sold there are produced at production units in Birmingham and Hillerstorp.

Troax business area - North America

North America

Troax has a presence in the USA and Canada. We acquired Folding Guard in 2016, one of the leading suppliers of mesh panels in the USA. Two years later in 2018, Troax Inc. started production in Chicago, USA.

Troax business area - New markets

New Markets

Our new markets span the rest of the world, including all our distributors. The majority of sales volume is produced at Hillerstorp, Sweden.

Troax customers 2020


Troax has a wide, varied customer base of around 10,000 customers, covering most international large corporations. Our key customers include dealers, integrators, OEM suppliers and end customers.



Our goal is to exceed growth levels within our markets through organic growth, complemented by selective acquisitions.

Our goal is to have a profit margin in excess of 20%.


Net liabilities in relation to EBITDA, excluding occasional deviations, will not exceed 2.5 times.

Our goal is to pay around 50% of net profits as dividends. Proposed dividends must safeguard our long-term development potential, financial position, and investment needs.

Cylinders in a staple.