Automated Warehouse

Automated Warehouse

Safety on all levels

These days, everything seems to move at a higher speed; people, ideas, and logistics. As consumers of today demand more, supply chain networks will need to undergo an extreme transformation over the next few years. This will change the way warehouses are built and used, and we are now facing a new era within logistics.

Combining the best of two worlds

Whatever your safety needs may be, we can create a solution that will meet your requests in every aspect. Our wall systems suitable for automated warehouses are developed, manufactured, and marketed through the product segments Machine Guarding and ­Warehouse Partitioning. These mesh panel systems can be combined in a number of ways to suit your material handling and logistics needs. Also, this will provide an affordable and future-proof solution to keep both people and processes safe.

Troax Automated Warehouse Panel Structure

Automated warehouse products

Our complete range of products will meet your every need when it comes to safe machine guarding here.
Troax Anti-Collapse system

Anti-collapse bracket with secure

The bracket, together with our design protected secure red wire loop and clip, creates an extremely strong fixing system for our anti-collapse screen.

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Panel ST20 with mesh 100x20 mm

Panel ST20 with mesh 100x20 mm

Strong machine guarding panel, TÜV type approved for an impact of 1,600 Joules.

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Smart Fix System

Smart Fix System

Easy and flexible assembly with a captive bolt, in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

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Safe Escape Lock

Safe Escape Lock

An anti-panic knob and handle Euro cylinder lock with integrated safety switch.

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Partition with panels

Partition with panels

Areas or goods that need to be separated are effectively protected by our modular partition wall system with mesh or steel sheet panels. Our wall systems can either be built to reach the existing ceiling or be combined with our mesh ceiling.
Troax cage.


Our mesh panel cage can be used both indoors and outdoors, as a permanent or temporary solution.


Partitioning mesh walls on a mezzanine will protect both people and goods from falling objects.
Mesh shelves


Troax mesh shelves can easily be adapted to fit most warehouse solutions, including those with an integrated backstop and/or dividers. The shelf is designed with a safety factor of at least 1.3, it can be used for anti-collapse purposes, it allows water from sprinkler systems to penetrate and it provides with good visibility.
Aerosol cage

Aerosol storage

This solution is excellent for storage of explosive products. We offer mesh walls with 25×25 mm mesh to suit the particular requirement and specification. In case of an explosion, our small mesh size will protect both goods and people in the warehouse, from flying objects.

Mesh panel door with Safe Escape Lock.

About doors

Our door solutions include hinged, sliding, telescopic and linear doors, to suit your configuration.
Safe Escape Lock

About locks

We offer a variety of locks to complete your solution, such as magnetic locks, euro cylinder locks, and our own Safe Lock and Safe Escape Lock.
Red and yellow

Automated warehouse assembly instructions

Find the assembly instruction you need.
Desktop with a Drawit drawing on the screen.

Just DrawIt

Troax DrawIt is a new and easy tool for you to create the ideal solution. No software required, and just three easy steps from idea to quotation.
Troax CAD files


You'll find CAD drawings for Machine guarding (MG) and Warehouse partitioning (WP) available in a number of different file formats.
Troax Speed Bolt

Together we can reach new heights

Within automated warehouses there are strict safety require­ments, and no matter the number of people working within the warehouse, they still need to be safe. Automated Warehouses as a field of business is growing at breakneck speed, all of which is a result of rising costs due to operational challenges caused by higher consumer expectations.

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Troax Automated Warehouse
Troax anti-collapse impact test

Safety above the ordinary

The world’s first anti-collapse system tested to withstand 2,500 joules.

Automated warehouse / case

Read what our customers say about Troax and our high-quality flexible solutions.
Collaboration for a safer future - Safe Escape Lock

Collaborations for a safer future

When a customer told us they wanted a new type of safe escape
lock, we listened – and created it together.

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Automated warehouse

Heading towards new heights

For nearly a decade, Troax has worked closely with one of Europe's largest food distributors. The collaboration has resulted in new innovations that have been used in automated warehouses which is an area of growth.

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Panel strength test with weight

Troax Test Center

Our products go through tough tests to maintain a high standard, and even our test method itself has been certified by the third-party testing institute TÜV Rheinland.

Troax Innovation Center

We believe that our range of products is never complete, and we work continuously to develop and improve every detail, invention, and product in order to keep you safe.
Blue Troax Panel

Add some color

Colors affect us all. Sometimes even more than we might understand. All our products are painted in-house at our production plant, in the RAL color of your choice.


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