Aarhus, The Iceberg is a residential block made up of 200 apartments.

Protect your Property – A well shielded storage space adds value to your apartment!

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It’s natural to collect, and to keep your belongings safe. Most people living in apartments in Northern Europe have access to storage space in cellars or attics. These spaces can be very useful as many of us tend to collect lots of stuff which we don’t use frequently.

You have for example equipment for winter and summer sports, gear for hobbies and other seasonal things such as decorations, clothing etc.

Burglar at a storage.

And frankly, no one likes thieves and burglars,

especially not around your belongings. We know of several burglary stories, follow this LINK for one of them.

Poor Property Protection decreases the apartment value

In my opinion, it’s self-explanatory that a good and safe storage space enhances the quality of the accommodation for the tenant and therefore to the contrary; if the storage area not is perceived to be safe enough, the apartment can’t be utilised to its full potential and this will lower the value in the eyes of the tenant.

3 security levels in Property Protection

First, you must analyze what level of protection you need because the location and construction of the property guide what is required. There are 3 security levels as follow:

Solutions from Aarhus, The Iceberg.

1. Low-risk level
Where there is strong exterior protection and/or in areas with relatively few burglary attempts.

2. Medium-risk level
Where there is a relatively strong exterior protection and/or you need a reasonable level of protection against uninvited guests.

3. High-risk level
When exterior protection is poor and/or for particularly vulnerable areas, exposed to a high level of break-ins.

Mesh is best in test

The most common materials for partitioning in cellars and attics are wood, sheet metal, and steel mesh panels. Some people prefer fully covered sheet metal so that no one can see what is stored in the area. In my opinion, however, it’s not the best choice. Instead, I favor mesh panels.

My arguments for mesh is that it provides excellent visibility, good lighting, and superior ventilation conditions. And the best of all, when using mesh systems, the detection of fire and the use of a fire extinguisher is much easier. Because in case of fire, wood definitely isn’t a good idea and you can’t hose through a metal sheet.

Storage from Troax property protection.

Troax have had the best solution since 1965 

As a coincidence, Troax do have welded steel mesh panels in the Property Protection assortment. You can choose between Troax Classic, Troax Medium and Troax Safe in three security levels. See the brochure for more information.

For many people, Property Protection and storage mesh panels are just a re-branding of the “Troax fence”. Well, that is just natural, as...

Troax is the original and the biggest mesh panel producer in the world.

So just think of this - Troax might just be the solution to your worries about how to keep your belongings safe and to add value to your apartment. 


Stefan Lundgren, Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning & Property Protection
Stefan Lundgren
Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning/Property Protection