Troax safety solutions at an automated warehouse.

When Robots Are Taking Over, How Do We Stay Safe?

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AUTOMATED WAREHOUSE | The way consumers are shopping is changing fundamentally, and warehouses and distribution units are now being automated at an ever so high speed.

Automated warehouse with transportation lines.

The fact that something big is happening within logistics, trade and distribution has hardly escaped anyone. Exactly how this will evolve is almost impossible to speculate in. However, we know that it will change fast and that there will be major advancements in the near future.

Humans and robots working side by side

For us at Troax, this future is less about logistics and robots, and more about safety.

Because, no matter how automated the future will be, there is still one staff member who is as fragile as ever. 
The human being.

Regardless of how much warehouses will be automated, people still need to be there to monitor, to perform maintenance, and to make decisions. And this is where the safety panels come into the picture.

Pallets racks in an automated warehouse guarded with Troax anti-collapse system.

Studies even show that in the coming years, as new forms of logistics units emerge, the number of automated warehouses will increase fifteen times the number of today. As a result, new safety solutions are also needed. Other crucial factors for security are the design of the warehouse and the extent to which people and robots interact with each other. And no matter how the warehouse is designed, it needs to be safe; both for the people who work there, and for the process itself.

The security cannot be overlooked

Generally, machine guarding and anti-collapse systems are a relatively small part of the total investment in an automated warehouse. But it can not be overlooked.
When the business is to start up, safety is an important factor, and keeping our promises for the installations is crucial. Major investments are at stake, and by having a continuous and transparent dialogue we are able to deliver successfully.

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