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Workplace safety: no human life should be lost at work

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It’s morning. My children are off to school and before they hurry out the front door I say, “Have a nice day at school! I’ll fix dinner when I’m home from work!” One of them is turning around smiling, the other one is busy with the bike. Sounds of giggling and chitchat disappear down the road. It’s just a normal day, what could possibly go wrong?

Robots protected with machine guarding

There are dangerous workplaces

I guess we can agree that accidents happen, so what can we do to prevent them?  Well, for people working in factories and warehouses there are a lot of dangers. Like in the place where I work, we have a lot of robots on the production line and accidents could happen if we didn’t have the proper protection. There is a reason why we need to have a machine guard around industrial robots and busy production lines. And in a warehouse, there’s a risk of falling objects. I don’t want to be hit by a falling pallet, especially since this can be easily avoided by adding an anti-collapse system. Then I would be safe. 

Bank vault

What kind of safety solution do YOU need?

Of course, the question is a bit deeper than that, and there are a lot of things to consider. You should start by getting all the facts and perform risk assessments of your needs. With this information, you can move on to finding guards that can protect the operators on the production line from hazards, if something unexpected is to happen. 

How do you know the protection is strong enough?

This is an interesting topic and it’s a comprehensive part of my daily work. The easy way to put it is that you compare solutions. This can be tricky if you don’t know what you are comparing. You can’t compare apples and oranges. If the products are tested, you have verified data you can compare. You also have to check the test method, because data can be compromised. It’s a good thing when the test method is certified by a third party, like TÜV Rheinland. Then you know what you’re comparing, and it’ll be easier to find the safeguarding you need.

What does a company gain from investing in safety?

When you go to work you take for granted you’ll get back home in one piece. You feel safe. This means you can make these everyday promises like “I’ll make the dinner after work”. That’s really important from mine and any worker’s point of view. For a company investing in safety, this will affect the company credibility and give good publicity. There’s even more to it if you weigh the costs of safeguarding against the returns in increased productivity, worker and workplace safety. You will clearly see that a safe and protected automated process will yield returns more quickly than anticipated. In my opinion, there is no doubt there’s a value in investing in safeguarding.

A pendulum used for impact tests

Safety is about never taking the easy way out

At Troax, our belief is that safety is about being one step ahead. We believe in testing our products thoroughly  – from idea to finished panels and posts. We also believe that in our field of business, proper and adequate testing should be mandatory. Over the past decade, my Research & Development department have tested and tried our products more than 800 times in our in-house Test Center. This ensures that the panels are of high quality, that they are safe and will keep what we promise.

A TÜV certified test method

To certify our test methods, we use TÜV Rheinland, a third-party testing institute. We are the only manufacturer of mesh panels on the market having a test method itself being TÜV Type Approved according to ISO 14120. We believe safety is about being one step ahead. Together with TÜV, we are the first in the world who have created a test method for an anti-collapse system. 

TÜV Rheinland is experts in quality and safety and they make sure our products live up to our customers’ high expectations. 

Automated warehouse

Safety doesn’t happen by accident

We use various test methods, and the pendulum impact test is the most common. This test method is described and stated in Annex C, ISO 14120 to verify the impact resistance of our panels and systems. We also perform static force tests, such as pulling tests to verify and validate the strength of our panels and posts.

The fact that our test methods are certified proves our high quality and most importantly, that you are safe.

Making Your World Safe
- that’s our goal

Tobias Franzén, R&D Manager
Tobias Franzén
R&D Manager