Troax Panel Detection

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Your new sense of reality 

Behold Troax Panel Detection, a new era in safe manufacturing and the next big thing in automatic monitoring of machine guard panels. A clever and patent pending device that detects the presence and absence of panels. It changes the game for owners and managers, but also how you perceive the reality of risks and hazards. Tap into your new sense. See what has been hidden from you. Detect the unseen dangers with Troax Panel Detection. 

A new level of safety

Troax has raised the bar for safe machine guarding. Troax Panel Detection is a shift in history and the beginning of a new era of industrial safety. Patent pending and the first of its kind. This revolutionary device for automatic monitoring of panels is cleverly incorporated in the panel fixing to detect the presence and absence of panels. It makes the invisible risk of a demounted panel visible. Thanks to Troax Panel Detection, a missing panel due to human error during maintenance is a thing of the past. Experience a new level of safety.

An artistic representation of mechanical elements in a monochromatic blue color scheme, depicting a complex and interconnected network of gears, bolts, and other industrial components."

Detect unseen dangers

Install Troax Panel Detection with ease, connect it to your safety system, and naturally integrate it with your existing PLC solution. From there, you decide the actions. Get a warning, prevent restart, or even stop the machine. Clever, elegant, and synced with both SIL3 and PLe requirements. Troax Panel Detection is the real deal, an actual sixth sense that establishes the highest safety level in machine guarding. Tap into it. Benefit from it. Use it to detect the unseen dangers of missing panels in your production. It’s safer that way. 

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Troax Panel Detection is a revolutionary and unique system for automatic monitoring of machine guards. A patent pending device incorporated in the panel fixing to detect the presence and absence of panels. Safety on a completely new level for the era of Industry 4.0.


Troax Panel Detection is made for industries that put safety and efficiency first. By detecting demounted panels, you’re not only protecting people and machinery, but also reducing the risk of occupational injuries as well as avoiding costs for accidents.


Troax has a deep understanding of your reality. Therefore, Troax Panel Detection is all about compatibility. Connect the devices to your existing PLC and you’re good to go. This feature makes the installation process way easier and reduces cost and time to commission.


Potentially hazardous machines and robots require the most reliable safety functionality. That’s why Troax Panel Detection is designed for the highest level of safety. It’s suitable up to SIL3 and PLe, allowing you to keep people safe at work and sleep good at night. 


There’s our way, or the hard way. Our way is convenient and efficient from start to finish. With Troax Panel Detection, you can monitor up to 200 panels with one single cable to your safety PLC. Fewer cables mean less hours for connecting wires and a less complex system. 


With Troax Panel Detection, you’re in complete control and can decide the actions based on your existing processes. Warn people around the machine with flashing lights, prevent restart, and if comes to it, even stop the machine. It’s entirely up to you.


Troax Panel Detection is designed for Troax’s machine guard solutions. It’s easy to assemble and can be retrofitted on our quick-release Rapid Fix system. All in all, Troax Panel Detection is a complete and documented solution with a bulletproof installation process.  

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Meet your new sense

Unlock your full potential and gain access to your new sixth sense – Troax Panel Detection.  Act now to secure the well-being and safety of your employees as well as your production. Troax Panel Detection makes the world’s safest machine guards even safer. Get in touch.