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Vehicle storage

Troax garage system makes it possible to create individual garage spaces in a multi-storey car park and other open areas. The system consists of versatile mesh panels from Troax Medium or Troax Safe range making it easy to install in existing spaces. The front wall of the garage is built entirely or partially of sliding doors that hang off the overhead rail. This allows Bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and pushchairs to be parked securely with lockable storage spaces for each tenant.

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Nathan Hulme, Account Manager – Southwest/Mountain/West
Nathan Hulme
Account Manager – Southwest/Mountain/West
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Dick G Gotwald
National Key Account Manager / Account Manager – Northeast
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Noel Bloyd
Account Manager – Midwest
Rob Niehoff, Account Manager – Ohio
Rob Niehoff
Account Manager – Midsouth
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Mark Ross
Account Manager – Midwest – OH, MI & Canada
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Seth Kenney
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