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Financial goals

Troax has adopted financial objectives which are linked to Troax strategic initiatives. The financial objectives in this section consist of forward looking statements. Such statements are no assurance for actual future results, and Troax´s actual results may differ materially from these forward looking statements due to a variety of factors, of which certain are outside Troax´s control.

Sales growth

Troax objective is to exceed the growth in the Company´s current markets through organic growth, as well as selective acquisitions.


Troax target is to have an operating margin in excess of 20%.

Capital structure

Net debt in relation to the 12-month rolling EBITDA, excluding temporary deviations, shall not exceed 2.5 times.

Dividend policy

Troax’s target is to pay approximately 50 per cent of its net profit in dividends. The dividend proposal shall consider Troax’s long-term development potential, its financial position and its investment needs.