Panel fixings

With the Belt Conveyor system, the panels are assembled horizontally with special fixings. This is to provide easy access above and below the emergency stop rope that runs along the belt conveyor. All fixings, bolts, and nuts are hot dip galvanized, providinggood corrosion protection suitable for very harsh environments.

The fixings are mounted on the standard 60x40 posts - if there is a floor that the posts can be fixed to. Another option is to use the 60x40 tubes, that can be mounted directly on the belt conveyor beam with the beam brackets.

For the often long and straight parts on the conveyor, the top and bottom bracket fixings for the straight walls shall be used. These are supplied as loose components in pallets, along with a bag including bolts, nuts and washers for one post/tube. At each end of the conveyor, there is a special kit for a left and a right end fixing and it's also possible to build a corner that will continue 90 degrees to the left or to the right.


Art. Nr Components
36909401 Kit 9401 Conveyor fixing end ST20 Right
36909402 Kit 9402 Conveyor fixing end ST20 Left
36909404 Kit 9404 Conveyor fixing ST20 corner Left
36909405 Kit 9405 Conveyor fixing ST20 Corner Right
88699400 Bag for kit Copnveyor fixing
89045216 Top bracket complete ST20
89045217 Bottom bracket ST20
89045218 Bracket clip


Name Sort descending Type
Follow Me - Belt Conveyor Fixing.pdf
Product sheet - Panel fixings_EN.pdf
Test Report - Belt conveyor system 1600J, ST20.pdf


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