Safe Lock PLe

The Safe Lock is Troax own designed lock that is fitted with two bolts directly on the panels which makes it fast and easy to install. It's equipped with the chosen safety switch actuator and fixings for the safety switch included. The door is held closed with a strong metal bolt and the Safe Lock is impact tested mounted on our single hinged doors to withstand an impact of 1,600 joules.

The escape release handle is designed to fit between the mesh apertures avoiding the need to cut any wires. A blind rivet can be added to fix the lock to the door blade to prevent tampering. When the door is in an open position, a padlock can be fixed to secure the lock and prevent the door from being closed during maintenance.

The Safe Lock with Performance Level e is suitable for medium, high to very high-risk applications where the machine stops immediately when the door is opened. The result of your risk assessment will determine the required performance level required for your safety control system.

​The Safe Lock PLe can be equipped with the following safety switches; Guardmaster Sensaguard 440N-Z21SS2HN, ABB/Jokab Eden, PilzPSEN cs 3.1, Euchner CES-AP-CL/CR2, Telemecanique XCSRC30.


Art. Nr Components
29939031 Safe Lock VAR PLe R
29939032 Safe Lock VAR PLe L


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Follow Me - Safe lock VAR PLe Kit 29939031, 29939032.pdf
Product sheet - SAFE_LOCK_PLE_ENG.pdf

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