Sliding door on wheels

The Sliding door on Wheels can be built in many sizes using a combination of the different widths of the mesh panels. Combining up to 4x 1,500 mm panels, you can create a sliding door with a free opening of up to 5.1 meters.

The door base uses two 80x80 posts and a 700 mm wide panel, holding the roller wheels. The door blade is built using either ST20 or ST30 mesh panels and you can choose to have either the 60x40 or the 80x80 post for your system on the lock side. The door blade panels can be pre-drilled from the factory and the door is supplied as separate panels, posts, and door kit for assembly on site.

Depending on the risk assessment, you choose the preferred lock for your door. The door can be equipped with our Euro cylinder lock or Safe Lock solutions that fit many safety switches.

The standard opening width is approximately 1,100 - 5,100 mm.


Art. Nr Components
36907190 Kit 7190 Sl.door on wheel


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Assembly instruction - Sliding door on wheels kit 36907190.pdf
Product sheet - SLIDING_DOOR_ON_WHEELS_ENG.pdf

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