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Year-end report January-December 2020

2021/02/11 12:30 CET


  • Order intake increased by 39 percent to 58,0 (41,8) MEUR.

    Adjusted for acquisitions and currency the increase was 22 percent.
  • Sales increased by 1 percent and amounted to 44,9 (44,4) MEUR.

    Adjusted for acquisitions and currency sales...

Rapid Fix — Faster and stronger

2020/11/30 11:00 CET


Rapid Fix is a quick release system and now it’s even faster with a significantly reduced initial assembly time. A minute will be saved on every installed panel.

— We have replaced time-consuming nuts and bolts with a clever...

Troax AB acquires Natom Logistic

2020/11/03 08:00 CET

Natom is a leading manufacturer of warehouse equipment on the European market. It is headquartered in Chocicza, Poland, with a secondary operation in Koscian, Poland.  Natom was founded in 2006 by Tomasz Świątek and he has over the years developed...

Troax Group: Interim report January - September 2020

2020/10/28 12:30 CET


  • Order intake decreased by 5 percent to 38,1 (40,0) MEUR. Adjusted for currency the decrease was 4 percent.
  • Sales were unchanged and amounted to 42,0 (42,2) MEUR. Adjusted for currency sales were unchanged compared to the same...

Smart Splice - fast splicing for tall posts

2020/10/07 11:00 CEST

The new Smart Splice is another patent-pending product that Troax's R&D department has developed. Troax has previously chosen an external wrap-around bracket to extend posts. The new Troax solution, Smart Splice is neat, strong and fits inside the post. The...

Smart Post – with integrated control push buttons

2020/09/16 09:00 CEST

With the new and practical Smart Post, it is now possible for the wiring to fit inside the post, as well as integrate control push buttons directly into the post. The push buttons can also be pre-mounted on a bracket...

Troax Group: Interim Report January- June 2020

2020/08/13 12:30 CEST


  • Order intake decreased by 19 percent to 37,7 (46,6) MEUR. Adjusted for currency the decrease was 19 percent.
  • Sales decreased organically by 15 percent to 35,9 (42,3) MEUR. Adjusted for currency the decrease was 15 percent.
  • Operating...