Together for a safe future

Innovation center

Troax is proud to be the market-leader within our field, and for more than 60 years we have let our customers lead the way towards more intelligent products to protect people, property and processes.

Troax Innovation Center – where ideas come to life Our goal is to keep people safe, secure and comfortable. We have proven that a business, where we are working together, is the key to accomplish great success. Your voice should find an easy way to be heard, a goal to be met by global teamwork.

At first sight, what we do might seem plain, but beyond the visuals, there are decades of knowledge and technical expertise towards improving our products. Throughout the years we have worked on the most intricate and accurate details, to offer products of the highest quality and exceed the safety standards.

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Faster and easier

Speed Bolt

We have established a close working relationship with our customers from all over the world to ensure we are always one step ahead. At our Innovation Center we are continuously developing and innovating products to meet the requests from both our customers and within the company. Our new Speed Bolt is no exception.

Easier and faster

Perfect for our Musca Anti Collapse System, the new Speed Bolt is highly requested and developed accordingly. With no separate nut or bolt the assembling is easier and faster, and therefore generates increased efficiency and better ergonomics, saving you valuable time. Without having to reach over the backside of the upright beam, the Speed Bolt is easily assembled only from the outside of the screen. It can therefore also be assembled on closed upright beams, which makes it really flexible. The Speed Bolt is tested to withstand an incredible impact force of 2,500 joules, and with every detail included all you need to do is fasten it.


  • Withstands 2,500 joules
  • Only one item
  • Easier assembling from the front

Watch the Speed Bolt film below.

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in numbers

01. Company

01. Company

The process – In-house competence

We always work towards improving our products, because for us it's about continous innovation – to develop and grow together with you – as one company.

02. Way Communication

02. Way Communication

The process – The circle of innovation

Every development phase begins where you are. Because we have co-workers all around the world, the journey from problem to innovation is only one step away.

03. Innovative Steps

03. Innovative Steps

The process – We believe in working together

We listen within our companies and to our employees, and their feedback – good feedback means great results. This is what drives us to move forward and to continue our innovative process.