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Partition walls

Troax partitioning walls are used to separate goods, vehicles and machinery from people in a secure way. In warehouses, the partitions create free paths in forklift truck passageways that combine safety and efficiency. Fast evacuation doors with your choice of placement or lockable gates that protect valuable goods from unauthorised personnel can be installed in the system. Our flexible wall system consists of numerous panel sizes in the UX450, UR350, UR325 and UR SP panel systems along with several door combinations and accessories available, which when put together create a complete and versatile solution. Standard heights: 2,200 and 3,000 mm. Maximum free-standing wall: 6,600 mm. With fixings to the existing construction, there are almost no limitations regarding height.

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Follow Me - Warehouse partitioning system UR350, UX450 Extension.pdf
Follow Me - Warehouse partitioning system UR350, UX450.pdf


Follow Me Partitioning System UR350, UX450
Follow Me - Partitioning system UR350, UX450 Extension

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Thomas Larsson, Regional Manager  East Europe, Middle East, India, Brazil & Africa
Thomas Larsson
Reg. Manager East Europe, India, Middle East, Africa, Latam
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Stefan Lundgren
Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning/Property Protection
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Michael Standar
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