Mesh panel ST20

Safety is about being one step ahead

Protecting people, property, and processes.

About us
Machine guard product showcased in a industrial environment

Machine Guarding

We provide high quality steel panels for flexible solutions and maximum safety.
Warehouse partitioning

Warehouse partitioning

We offer unique combinations for custom-made solutions to suit all specific needs and requirements.
Property protection, storage

Property protection

Adaptable solutions for unique storage spaces, designed to suit and secure your storage needs.
Troax power door motor

Open a new door
To Industry 4.0

Our motor solution, Troax Power Door, is suitable for all machine guarding and warehouse partitioning panels. It has a smart design, and as an add-on product, it is easy to install. The door is perfect for AGVs, synchronizing automated and connected manufacturing processes with your logistic flow. Making your world safe.

Birds eye view of a crossroads in a city environment, safety in sync

We call it
Safety in Sync.

In the world of safety, everything is connected, from the first design sketch in our R&D department to the very last bolt in your facility. All details and features exist for specific reasons, they all have different roles to play for the overall safety level. When everything is connected from the beginning, everything also matters in the end.

Safety should always be perfectly synced, every step of the way.

Safety Center

A strong innovation culture characterized by hard work allows Troax to create products that offer our customers added value and features that surpass everything else on the market.

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Safety Center flower, representing safety and innovation.
Automated Warehouse
Safety on all levels

Automated Warehouse

Work at Troax

Work at troax

Do you want to be a part of the Troax team? Read more about working with us here.
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Troax blog

Every now and then, we write about safety from our perspective. Read our thoughts here.
Troax social distancing guarding panel

Social Distancing Guarding

SMART AND EASY PROTECTION | In today's troubled times with the Coronavirus threat hanging over virtually all businesses where people are involved, Troax wants to do what we can to normalize everyday life.