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Improved safety and fast installation with our versatile stand-off bracket

Hillerstorp 23 January 2019, 14:30 CET

The Troax anti-collapse system is used to prevent the spillage of goods from pallets stored on pallet racking used in warehousing applications. The Troax design department has developed the new Uni-bracket to take the anti-collapse system to a new level.

The new Uni-bracket has been developed to be stronger and more versatile. To improve strength a formed rib and a small indent have been added. The hook part of the stand-off bracket that the mesh panels locate onto has been re-designed. The new design allows the Uni-bracket to be more adaptable in that the bracket can now be located in four different positions when building the anti-collapse system. This means that beam connector positions can be more readily cleared by the Uni-bracket. The system can now also be built more logically from the bottom of the screen upwards. A further feature is that the Uni-bracket now has a cut-out which eases the removal of pallet racking beams that are located near to the brackets.

The panels are still positively located within the stand-off bracket using the unique kit secure method.

– The combined effect of the design changes results in a more versatile and user-friendly system. It is a unique product, says Stefan Lundgren, product manager for Warehouse Partitioning at Troax.

Troax anti-collapse system

The Troax anti-collapse system is mounted together with the Uni-bracket for steady and secure logistics environment.

The system is developed to prevent accidents caused by goods falling off or accidently being pushed down from the pallet racks. The panels are made of fully welded mesh and steel frames and are available in three different models with three different safety levels. The entire system with panels, brackets and attachments absorbs an impact with an energy of up to 2500 joules, which is tested in Troax Test Center. The test is approved and certified by TÜV Rheinland.