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Introducing Troax Safe Escape Lock – a New Level of Safety

Press release, Hillerstorp 5th of February 2019, 13:15 CET

In every automated warehouse or logistics unit, it is crucial for the process to run smoothly, and to make sure that no unwanted interruptions will occur. Though, every now and then you need to enter the cells for service, or to perform maintenance. Then you need to be sure that the machine cell is completely safe. The new Troax new Safe Escape Lock is fitted with a Euro Cylinder lock and a proximity switch inside, to guarantee that the power is cut off when the door is opened, and to make certain that only authorised personnel will gain access.

As the field of Automated Warehouses is growing rapidly as a business, a need for safety solutions is occurring along with it. In order to increase the level of safety within logistics units, Troax is now launching a multi-functional Safe Escape Lock, developed in close collaboration with the company’s customers.
“Our new Safe Escape Lock is developed to provide an extra layer to the plant’s safety,” said Josephine Granell, Product Manager at Troax. “The Euro Cylinder lock will ensure that the door is properly locked from the outside, where only authorised personnel with a key can enter.”

Knob & Handle with Integrated Safety Switch
Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from a variety of integrated, non-contact switches to be fitted to your lock. The strong aluminum cover is provided with a fixing where a padlock can be attached to secure the door, preventing it from being closed and locked unintentionally during maintenance operations.

Safe Access, and Safe Escape
The multifunctional Safe Escape Lock is available in two versions; either with or without a deadbolt. The lock with a deadbolt has an escape release feature meaning the door can be opened from the inside even when it’s locked from the outside. The escape release handle is secured behind a cover plate and can only be reached from the inside of the door.
As the switch is integrated in the lock, it is both cost- and time-saving in assembly.

Smart and Safe
– Integrated Safety Switch
– Fast and easy assembly
– Only authorised personnel can enter
– Escape release feature
– Safe when performing maintenance.

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