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Smart Post – with integrated control push buttons

Hillerstorp 16th of September 2020, 09.00 CET

Clever design and easy installation with the new Smart Post.

Troax is now introducing Smart Post – an easier, more functional and stylish way of cabling and mounting push button controls on hinged and sliding doors in industrial environments. 

With the new and practical Smart Post, it is now possible for the wiring to fit inside the post, as well as integrate control push buttons directly into the post. The push buttons can also be pre-mounted on a bracket for a fast and easy installation.

The post is prepared with holes for the cables, both on the back and front. Two holes at the top and two at the bottom make it possible to route the cables either upwards onto a wire tray or downwards onto the floor.

On the front of the post there are outlets for a push button bracket. You can get pre-mounted push buttons on a printed circuit board (PCB), where the top push button is an emergency push button, followed by three white push buttons. These three push buttons can be connected according to your needs. Choose your own colours from the five colour plates included. As an alternative there is a bracket with four holes for your own preferred solutions. Smart Post is specifically produced to fit with Troax Safe Lock and Troax Safe Escape Lock and also other locking solutions.

– “We have developed our new Smart Post for the cable wiring to fit inside the post, as well as integrated push buttons, which saves time and space, so the assembler doesn’t have to mount a separate push button box to the side of the door. We believe this will make it easier for our customers and give a well-designed pleasing look in the production environment”, says Josephine Granell, Product Manager Machine Guarding. 

The post is a standard post, 60x40x2200 mm, which can be supplied in any RAL colour. Smart Post fits Troax’ standard hinged and sliding doors with both the Safe Lock and Safe Escape Lock, as well as with other locking solutions.

Troax offers maximum safety with a complete range of machine guarding products, which protect people and processes, and keeps your production more efficient.