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The Board of Troax Group AB (publ) has decided to exercise the authorization to repurchase shares

Hillerstorp the 19th of August 2019 16:00 CET

The Board of Troax Group AB (publ) ("Troax") has, with the support of the authorization from the Annual General Meeting on May 14, 2019, decided to repurchase own shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. The purpose of the repurchase is to secure Troax's commitments to deliver shares in accordance with the Troax call option program.

The repurchase of shares will be made on Nasdaq Stockholm in accordance with its Issuer rules. The repurchases will take place on one or more occasions until the Annual General Meeting 2020 and at a price per share within the quoted price range at each time. Repurchases may be made of a maximum of 600 000 shares and repurchases will be managed by a bank that makes its trading decisions independently of Troax as to the times when repurchases occur. Payment of the shares will be paid in cash. Reporting will be done via the stock exchange in accordance with current regulations.

Repurchases may not result in Troax’s holding of its own shares at any time exceeding 1 percent of the total number of shares in the company. At the time of this press release, the total number of registered shares in the company amounts to 60 000 000 and Troax’s holding amounts to 0 own shares.

Troax publishes this information in accordance with the Nasdaq Stockholm Regulations for Issuers.