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Troax Power Door – a business enabler for the industries of tomorrow

Hillerstorp 21st of June 2022, 12:30 CET

By introducing the Troax Power Door, a fully automated solution for machine guarding and warehouse partitioning, Troax has entered a new era of innovation within Industry 4.0. The Troax Power Door seamlessly blurs the boundaries between automated production and material handling. Above all, it enables industries to work both safer and smarter. 


Ready for Industry 4.0
The Troax Power Door may look like a motor on a door, but there’s far more to this innovation than meets the eye. The Troax Power Door enables a fully automated solution on the journey towards the connected factories of tomorrow. In a time where automated and connected technology can be placed and used almost anywhere in production lines and warehouses, the Troax Power Door fits right in. The solution isn’t only suitable for all machine guarding and warehouse partitioning panels, it’s also compatible with the ideas and possibilities of Industry 4.0. In addition to increasing the overall safety wherever it’s used, the Troax Power Door has the potential to increase capacity utilisation of machinery and to improve the flow from manufacturing to logistics. In short, it makes processes safer, easier, and more precise.

“It’s less about technology and more about transformation. The true innovation lies in the result. To us, it’s about leveraging existing technology and turning it into customer value and supporting our customers in the race to get ahead. Our automated solution actively helps companies to become more productive, agile, and competitive, with minimal effort. It’s a door-opener in every sense of the word” says Thomas Widstrand, President and CEO of Troax Group AB.

Perfect for AGVs
The Troax Power Door is the first of many innovations to come that truly supports the business outcomes that companies expect from Industry 4.0. The solution is compatible with PLCs, making it perfect for communicating with different kinds of automated guided vehicles, AGVs. The Troax Power Door can be used in many types of industries where it’s important to synchronise automated manufacturing processes with logistic flows. It can also be opened and closed manually with buttons, sensors, or remote controls. The motor itself is CE marked and TÜV certified and Troax provides comprehensive documentation for CE marking of the complete solution on site. The add-on package, containing an electric drive, a tooth rack, all necessary fasteners, and full documentation, enables people to safely use Troax’s automated solution with both ease and confidence. 


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For more information, please contact: 

Thomas Widstrand
President and CEO
Troax Group AB
Box 89
SE-335 04 Hillerstorp
Tel +46 (0)370-828 31