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Pallet Gate

Pallet gates are an important equipment for warehouses to ensure safety requirements, it dramatically reduces the risk of an accident. They are used for example to secure the load on a raised mezzanine. The safety gate is designed to provide a safe loading and unloading of pallets onto the mezzanine. It will create a safer working environment for factory and warehouse workers. The Pallet gate are available in two sizes, for 1 or 2 EUR pallets, in closed position there requires no additional security.   Colour: RAL 1021


Art. Nr Components
14000062 Pallet gate III, 2pallets2100x1700mm 1203.0345.01
14000061 Pallet gate III, 1 pallet1800x1200mm 1203.0413.01
14000057 Pallet gate III, 2pallets1445x1800mm 1203.0110.01
14000056 Pallet gate III, 1 pallet1445x120mm 1203.0109.01