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Rack Protection

The Rack protectors provides a good protection for pallet rack posts against an accidental collision with a forklift or moving pallet load unit. Our products are made of high-quality steel, while maintaining the requirements of health and safety in European norms. Protectors are most often mounted to the floor with mechanical or chemical anchors. If you hit the protector, it absorbs the impact energy and the pallet rack remains undamaged, due to it not installed on the rack, but in the floor with a distance to the pallet rack. Our robust Rack Protectors are available in several different models and sizes.   Upright protectors Thickness: 4 mm / 5 mm Height: 400 mm Colour: Yellow RAL 1021   Rack end protectors Height: 400 mm Length: 1200 mm / 2400 mm Colour: Yellow RAL 1021


Art. Nr Components
14000049 Beams 80x30x3, L=2400mm 0103.0086.01
14000048 Beams 80x40x3, L=1200mm 0103.0100.01
14000046 Protector 400mm L & R 4mm 0102.0045.01
14000047 Protector 400mm L & R 5mm 0102.0046.01
14000045 Corner prot. H=400mm 4mnm 0102.0041.01
14000044 Front prot. H=400mm 4mm 0101.0001.01
14000043 Front protector, H=400mm 5mm 0101.0729.01
14000042 Corner protector, H=400mm5mm 0102.0111.01
14000041 Protector type 2C, H=200 right corner 0103.0095.01
14000039 Protector type H, H=200 0103.0027.01
14000040 Protector type 2C, H=200 left corner 0103.0096.01
14000038 Protector type C, H=200 0103.0026.01
14000037 Wood beam 200x75, L=2000 Impreganted S030-000004
14000035 Wood beam 200x75, L=1000 Impregnated S030-000009
14000036 Wood beam 200x75, L=1200 Impregnated S030-000008
14000034 Protector type H, H=400 right corner 0103.0097.01
14000033 Protector type 2C, H=400 left corner 0103.0098.01
14000032 Protector type H, H=400 0103.0025.01
14000031 Protector type C, H=400 0103.0024.01


Name Type
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