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Shelf 1000kg

We have a standard range of shelves and dividers on stock in Poland for direct shipments, and we also offer custom-made solutions according to the customer’s needs in widths, depths, and heights.     On stock:  Load capacity: 1000 kg/m2 UDL Size: 1100 x 890 mm Mesh Size: 100 x 50 mm Colour: pre-galvanized


Art. Nr Components
50530014 Shelf 1100x890, 1000kg/m20105.4657.PG, ANSI
50530012 Shelf 1100x890, 1000kg/m20105.4655.PG, mesh 100x50

Our rapid prototyping process allows us to verify the customer’s needs and design the ideal solution for mesh shelving with dividers. 


The 1000 Kg mesh shelf is made of four omega support bars and welded wires.

The standard mesh aperture dimensions are 50x100 mm and the smallest customized mesh aperture is 25x25 mm.

All wire ends are rounded for a smooth finish, and there is also a safety wire in the front and back of the shelf to protect against injuries.

Only high-quality steel is used, with the grade of DX51D+Z. The omega profiles have a tensile strength of 270-500 MPa, and the wire tensile strength is between 600-700 MPa.


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