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Steel Bollards

The Steel bollard will highlight entrances and gates due to its high visibility. Combine it with our others traffic barriers to create a safe working environment for your employees, the easy way to separate different areas. Available in two different diameters and three different heights   Diameter: 60 mm / 90 mm Height: 400 mm / 800 mm / 1100 mm Colour: Yellow RAL 1021


Art. Nr Components
14000024 Bollard Ø90mm H=1100 0301.0061.01
14000022 Bollard Ø90mm H=400 0301.0059.01
14000023 Bollard Ø90mm H=800 0301.0060.01
14000021 Bollard Ø60mm H=1100 0301.0058.01
14000019 Bollard Ø60mm H=400 0301.0056.01
14000020 Bollard Ø60mm H=800 0301.0057.01


Name Type
Product sheet - steel bollard_ENG.pdf