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Rapid Fix — Faster and stronger

Monday 30th of November 2020, 11:00 CET


Rapid Fix is a patented machine guarding system allowing quick maintenance access. Troax is now introducing a faster and stronger updated Rapid Fix. The new fixing makes the assembly both quicker and easier and the system now fulfils the demand for 1600 joules impact.


Rapid Fix is a quick release system and now it’s even faster with a significantly reduced initial assembly time. A minute will be saved on every installed panel.

— We have replaced time-consuming nuts and bolts with a clever solution. It’s a quick fastener that secures in position when struck with a hammer. The quick fastener expands in the panel, says Josephine Granell, Product Manager, Machine Guarding. This is a very smart solution that has a registered design. The fastener remains in place even when the panel is disassembled, fulfilling the requirements in ISO 14120:2015.

Thanks to the redesign of the lower bracket the total impact resistance has increased to 1600 joules. This means an impact of 100 kg at 20 km/h can be withstood in combination with the ST20 and ST30 mesh panels as well as the polycarbonate panels.

This new and improved fixing system can be seamlessly integrated with Troax Smart Fix. — As Rapid Fix offers a quicker way of both releasing and re-assembling the panels, it’s the perfect option where you need access to your machine. You can then combine Rapid Fix with Smart Fix in the areas of your installation where maintenance is not required that often. Another new feature is the tool that is used to release the panels. A Torx with pin screwdriver has been chosen. This is considered as a special tool and therefore increases the security level, concludes Josephine Granell.

The updated Rapid Fix 2021 will replace the current version at the end of this year.


For further information, please contact:

Josephine Granell
Product Manager, Machine guarding
Tel. +46 (0)370 37 17 05