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Smart Splice – fast splicing for tall posts

Wednesday 7 October 2020, 11.00 CET 


Patent pending design that simplifies high assembly

Troax is now introducing the next innovation - Smart Splice. It replaces today's extension bracket and makes installation much faster, easier and stronger when extending posts at height in all Troax wall systems.

The new Smart Splice is another patent-pending product that Troax’s R&D department has developed. Troax has previously chosen an external wrap-around bracket to extend posts. The new Troax solution, Smart Splice is neat, strong and fits inside the post. The effect is that the wall system is quicker to build plus the system is more stable and stronger. Impact loads of 1600 joules can be withstood.

Extending posts with an external wrap-around solution means more assembly steps and it complicates the possibility of retrofitting components on the post. By splicing inside the post and with only one screw to tighten to fix the joint, time is saved installing.

Another advantage of the new splice is that it gives a more uniform impression, says Stefan Lundgren, product manager at Troax. This is due to the fact that splice is hidden inside the post. And it could not be easier to install as the Smart Splice is supplied with the Follow Me installation instruction images embossed on the splice itself.

Smart Splice is designed to fit Troax 60×40 post and can extend assembly up to just over 6 meters without other attachment options. Smart Splice is also impact tested with our Smart Fix system to withstand an impact of 1600 joules.


Smart Splice Fast splicing for tall posts

For further information, please contact


Stefan Lundgren
Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning/Property Protection
Tel. +46 (0)370 828 07

Josephine Granell
 Product Manager, Machine guarding
Tel. +46 (0)370 37 17 05