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Troax Panel Detection revolutionises the field of machine guarding

Hillerstorp 7th of March 2023, 11.00 CET

The world's safest machine guarding has now become even safer. Troax has launched the innovative Troax Panel Detection, a patent pending electronic device that allows you to detect if a panel is securely mounted or not. Troax Panel Detection is the starting point for a new era in active safety for machine guarding.

Troax Panel Detection is an automatic monitoring system that increases safety around a production cell, whilst avoiding costs associated with accidents. What was previously mechanical safety in the form of sturdy panels, posts and fixtures is now also electronic safety ready for Industry 4.0.

"This is a big day for Troax and the entire industry. Troax Panel Detection not only broadens our offering, it also redefines the concept of machine guarding. By integrating technology in this way, we make the use of our existing products even safer and smarter," says Thomas Widstrand, President & CEO, Troax Group AB.

Detect unseen dangers

Troax Panel Detection is an electronic device that is smartly integrated into the panel's fixture. In addition to Troax's traditional fixtures, they also keep track of whether the panels are reassembled after service and maintenance. Now it is virtually impossible not to detect a missing panel.

"Troax Panel Detection takes machine guarding to a whole new level. It can be seen as a new sixth sense for our customers. Now there is the possibility to detect dangers and costs that were previously unseen. Customers who prioritise safety and efficiency can now take greater responsibility for the safety of their personnel," says Josephine Granell, Product Manager Machine Guarding, Troax AB.

How Troax Panel Detection works

Troax Panel Detection can be used up to SIL3/PLe and is compatible with all PLC systems. Up to 200 units can be connected via a single cable. As soon as a panel is dismounted, a signal is sent to the PLC system. Choose what action the Panel Detection signal should lead to; start warning lights, send warning messages, prevent restart or stop the machine if a panel is not put back in place. To easily find where a panel is missing, the Panel Detection unit's green light turns red to signal that the panel is no longer mounted. Once all panels are in place, production can be resumed safely. Troax Panel Detection is a well-documented system that is adapted for Troax machine guarding solutions, making it possible to retrofit existing Troax machine guarding.

“Innovations like Troax Panel Detection and solutions from our recently acquired company Claitec initiate a new era for Troax. Our offering of physical protection is now complemented by electronic preventive safety solutions. We have an exciting time ahead in both passive and active safety. Troax Panel Detection is the starting point," says Martin Henkow, Project Manager Troax Panel Detection, Troax AB.

For more information about Troax Panel Detection, visit our website

Troax Panel detection

For additional information, please contact:

Thomas Widstrand
President and CEO
Troax Group AB 
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Tel 46 (0)370-82831

Josephine Granell
Product manager Machine guarding
Troax AB
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