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2-level bike rack base

With our 2-level bike rack, the bikes are parked on two levels. It creates more space and better order in the bicycle storage, the room is used to the maximum. Choose Base where you lift the bike up or buy an extendable rail to the upper level for a more comfortable bike lift. With a locking bracket placed at the bottom of the rail, you can lock the bike in the frame. Each section comes in a lower and an upper slot. They are mounted with 3 spacers in any width, which allows you to choose c/c dimensions and adapt the number of bicycle spaces in relation to the size of the room. Our double racks are delivered in galvanized steel and can therefore be used both outdoors and indoors. The ceiling height should be at least 2.4 m when installing indoors.


Art. Nr Components
18100002 Extendable rail 2-Level Bike Rack
18100001 2-Level Bike Rack Base
  • Height: 1800 mm
  • Width: C/C 350-400 mm between sections.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized
  • Info: minimum ceiling height 2400 mm


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