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Accessories ACL

You can easily adapt the Troax anti-collapse system to your pallet rack. Our anti-collapse system is mounted using brackets that fit the majority of racks. Accessories including fixings and fasteners complete the system and the range also include cut-profiles for adjusting the mesh panels in places where standard measurements are not perfect.  There is also a kit for high assembly when the ACL screen is higher than the pallet rack. With our Floor Fixing Anti-Collapse, you can combine a partitioning wall with an anti-collapse screen. Our Speed Bolt will speed up the assembly time.


Art. Nr Components
20600195 Tube 19x19 L=2350 ST20
20150676 Panel ST20 2550x1500
20150646 Panel ST20 2350X1500
29601422 Smart Post 60x40x2200
21601608 Top T-pole with angle
21601257 End support part. wall
25500055 Ultima 150 mm
21601238 Roof fix.part. wall L=500
21601411 Roof fix.part.wall L=1000
20600185 Tube 19x19 L=2050 ST20
20600166 Tube 19x19 L=1250 ST20
20150626 Panel ST20 1250x1500
36700400 Kit cuttingcaps ST30/UX
35700329 Kit Speed Bolt (20pcs)
36800831 Cut prof. UX/ST30 L=800
36800821 Cut prof. UX/ST30 L=700
36800811 Cut prof. UX/ST30 L=300
36800871 Cut prof. UX/ST30 L=500
36800801 Cut prof. UX/ST30 L=200
36800861 Cut prof. UX/ST30 L=1500
36800851 Cut prof. UX/ST30 L=1200
36800841 Cut prof. UX/ST30 L=1000
35800821 Cut prof. UR/ST20 L=700
35800871 Cut prof. UR/ST20 L=500
35800811 Cut prof. UR/ST20 L=300
35800801 Cut prof. UR/ST20 L=200
35800861 Cut prof. UR/ST20 L=1500
35800851 Cut prof. UR/ST20 L=1200
35800841 Cut prof. UR/ST20 L=1000
21601131 Floor-Roof fixing T-pole


Name Type
Product sheet - ACCESSORIES ACL_EN.pdf
Follow Me - Kit Musca high assembly.pdf
Follow Me - Speed bolt Kit 35700329 WP.pdf