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The digital locking system iLOQ is ideal for residential and commercial buildings as it provides a lot of new possibilities. Cylinders are easy to install and can be fitted to any modern lock case without modification. The access rights of any lost key can be quickly and easily cancelled and securely reprogrammed remotely. Maintenance costs are reduced, no cables are needed and battery waste is eliminated as none is needed. We offer two solutions; iLOQ S5, a digital-key-based solution powered by kinetic energy, and iLOQ S50, powered and controlled by your smartphone with NFC technology. Both solutions are administrated and installed by our partner Passera (part of Prosero), via a service contract. Ten complete storages are the minimum order quantity.


Art. Nr Components
89051450 iLOQ S5
89051451 iLOQ S50
89051452 Kit cylinder assembly


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Product Sheet - iLOQ.pdf