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Door UX450

The UX 450 door is included in the Troax Medium system to be used in combination with UX 450 mesh panels or UR 350 panels as partitioning. The door is excellent for use in spaces that have relatively strong exterior protection. The padlock door has a specially designed cover to protect the padlock, minimising the risk of break-ins. The door is also available as a cylinder lock option. The leaf has a frame made from 30×20 mm steel tubing and two specially designed cross tubes, making it stable and secure. These doors are thresholdless, which makes them easy for people with disabilities to use and are delivered ready for installation. Doors are available in heights from 2,200 mm and there are two standard widths, 750 mm and 900 mm.


Art. Nr Components
36090411 Door UX450 AC 900 L prep. El. Strike
36090421 Door UX450 AC 900 R EL. Strike Solid 570
36090431 Door UX450 AC 900 L El. Strike Solid 570
36090441 Door UX450 AC 900 R El. Strike Solid 571
36090451 Door UX450 AC 900 L El. Strike Solid 571
36090401 Door UX450 AC 900 R prep. El. Strike
36090011 Door UX450P 900 L
36090001 Door UX450P 900 R
36075001 Door UX450P 750 R
36075011 Door UX450P 750 L
36090331 Door UX450 EC 900 L
36090321 Door UX450 EC 900 R
36075331 Door UX450 EC 750 L
36075321 Door UX450 EC 750 R
36090311 Door UX450 AC 900 L
36090301 Door UX450 AC 900 R
36075311 Door UX450 AC 750 L
36075301 Door UX450 AC 750 R

Finish on panels, posts and powder coated accessories has the last figure variants in ART. NO.
"1" = RAL 7037 Dusty Grey; "2" RAL 1018 Zink Yellow; "5"  All other RAL colours or cut/welded; "6" RAL 9005 Jet Black, "8" Hot dip galvanized


Name Type
Product sheet Door UX450
Assembly instruction - Plastic spacer Cetus Assa_Ver.002.pdf