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Mesh Infill

The mesh infill is a welded steel mesh, black coated. A 3,5 mm wire is welded together to a mesh with an aperture of 40x40 mm. This allowes a safety distance from the hazard of 200 mm. You can build the sections up to 2 meter wide and the height of the mesh is adapted to the system height of either 2000 or 2200 mm as standard. The sizes of the sections can be adjusted to any size when ordering, and the mesh is also easy to cut on site using a bolt clipper. The mesh is inserted into the aluminium profiles and kept in place with the zinc lock for mesh.


Art. Nr Components
15890001 Mesh Netlock Zinc (NL3 2TLA040031R0800)
15100000 Mesh 40x40 cut to size m2 (YN40W9 2TLA040040R1600)
15100010 Mesh 40x40 1074x1216mm (YN40W11 2TLA040040R2900)
15100020 Mesh 40x401074x1816mm (YN40W2 2TLA040040R1400)
15100030 Mesh 40x40 1074x2016mm (YN40W3 2TLA040040R1500)
15100040 Mesh 40x40 2020x754mm (YN40W6 2TLA040040R2600)
15100050 Mesh 40x40 2020x865mm (YN40W1 2TLA040040R1300)
15100060 mesh 40x40 2020x1174mm (YN40W7 2TLA040040R2700)
15100070 mesh 40x40 1474x2016mm (YN40W4 2TLA040040R2100)


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