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QuickGuard is assembled with a clever screw-lock system. All brackets are supplied pre-mounted with fixing, screws and nuts. No holes needs to be drilled in the profiles and all cuts are made straight. This makes the assembly and any modification very easy. Use the L-brackets for corners, end posts and door blades, and the T-bracket for connecting two horizontal profiles with a post. Press the bracket against the profile, loosen the screw by turning it anti-clockwise and then tighten the screw clockwise again until it's fixed.   The floor brackets are made of aluminium and in two versions, one for walls and one for doors. These are also easily attached to the aluminium profiles as the bolts are pre-mounted on the brackets.


Art. Nr Components
15902020 Floor Bracket Seel A4488A (36-K1 2TLA040030R0900)
15902030 Floor Bracket Seel A44A (36-K2 2TLA040030R1000)
15902050 L-bracket Special (42 2TLA042020R3200)
15902040 U-bracket Premounted (43 2TLA042020R3100)
15902000 Floor Bracket Alu (39-K 2TLA040030R1400)
15902010 Floor Bracket Alu (30B-K 2TLA040030R0600)
15901050 Angle Bracket Large (30B-K1 2TLA040030R1100)
15901070 Angle Bracket 20 Deg R (45-K1 2TLA040030R1600)
15901080 Angle Bracket 20 Deg L (45-K2 2TLA040030R1700)
15901060 Angle Bracket 45 Deg (40 2TLA042021R5600)
15901090 Angle Bracket 70 Deg (44-K 2TLA040030R1800)
15901040 I-Bracket (34B-K 2TLA040030R1500)
15901020 Angle Bracket Countersunk (31A1-K 2TLA040030R0400)
15901030 Angle Bracket 2 Holes (31B-K 2TLA040030R1300)
15901000 L-bracket Premounted (32B-K 2TLA040030R0700)
15901010 T-bracket Premounted (33B-K 2TLA040030R0800)


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