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Panel UR350

If you need a storage space where there is a low risk of break-in, choose the UR 350 panel, which is the backbone of Troax Classic. This panel provides you with a light and airy storage environment. UR 350 can also be used as a partition wall in our other systems. The mesh, constructed from press welded 2.5 mm wires with mesh aperture 50x50 mm, is welded to a 19x19 mm tubular frame for added strength. The panel is available in 8 widths between 200 mm up to 1500 mm.


Art. Nr Components Height (mm) Width (mm) Mesh size (mm) Frame (mm)
35080001 Panel UR350 2200x800 2200 800 50x50 19x19
35050001 Panel UR350 2200x500 2200 500 50x50 19x19
35070001 Panel UR350 2200x700 2200 700 50x50 19x19
35020001 Panel UR350 2200x200 2200 200 50x50 19x19
35030001 Panel UR350 2200x300 2200 300 50x50 19x19
35120001 Panel UR350 2200x1200 2200 1200 50x50 19x19
35150001 Panel UR350 2200x1500 2200 1500 50x50 19x19
35100001 Panel UR350 2200x1000 2200 1000 50x50 19x19

Finish on panels, posts and powder coated accessories has the last figure variants in ART. NO.
"1" = RAL 7037 Dusty Grey; "2" RAL 1018 Zink Yellow; "5"  All other RAL colours or cut/welded; "6" RAL 9005 Jet Black, "8" Hot dip galvanized


Name Type
Product sheet - PANEL UR350_EN.pdf