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Troax hallway and wall systems are designed with solid construction for good looks, durability and efficient installation. The flush wall panels come in 324 mm wide sections of 0.8mm thickness. The unique panel design makes the system both strong and stable. The wall panels in hallways are glossy white that gives a durable and economical solution as well as an attractive interior. All channels and angles are included. Panels for dividing walls consists of 1050mm wide sections and 0,45mm thickness of the corrugated plates but with a galvanized finish. The plates are attached with a hook connection, that means that all sharp edges are hidden and makes the dividing wall safer from burglary. The walls are supplied with a U-profile with hidden edges in 1 mm sheet metal, mounted horizontally to increase the strength of the wall. The system hides the screws well and creates an effective partitioning wall between different storage units.