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QuickGuard Express

QuickGuard Express is ordered in standard size sections based on few components, easy to assemble and faster to install. Just calculate the number of doors required and the meters you need to cover for the machine guard enclosure, and you are ready to order on fixed article numbers. No drawings needed. QuickGuard Express is assembled with full size mesh and horizontal U-profiles at the top and bottom, instead of the 44x44 mm profile that is used in QuickGuard Standard.


Art. Nr Components
15700220 QGE U-Profile 1076mm (A12-1076 2TLA040037R2700)
15700230 QGE U-Profile Cutted (A12 2TLA040037R2800)
15700240 QGE U-Profile 2000mm (A12-2000 2TLA040037R4700)
15700210 QGE Floor Spacer (37 2TLA040033R3100)
15700150 QGE 44x44 1074x1216x1400 (E11-N14X4 2TLA040106R0200)
15700170 QGE Mesh 1074x1216x1400 (E11-N14Z 2TLA040106R0400)
15700160 QGE 44x88 1074x1216x1400 (E11-N14X8 2TLA040106R0300)
15700180 QGE Hinged Door 1400mm (E11-N14G 2TLA040106R0500)
15700200 QGE Plastic Net Lock (NL2 2TLA040031R0600)
15700140 QGE Profile 44x88 2200mm (E11-22Y8 2TLA040103R4100)
15700190 QGE Profile 44x88 1400mm (E11-14Y4 2TLA040106R8000)
15700100 QGE Sliding Door 2200mm
15700110 QGE Profile 44x44 2000mm (E11-20Y4 2TLA040103R2000)
15700120 QGE Profile 44x88 2000mm (E11-20Y8 2TLA040103R2100)
15700130 QGE Profile 44x44 2200mm (E11-22Y4 2TLA040103R4000)
15700080 QGE Mesh 1074x2016x2200 (E11-N22Z 2TLA040102R0400)
15700090 QGE Hinged Door 2200mm (E11-N22G 2TLA040102R0500)
15700050 QGE Sliding Door 2000mm
15700060 QGE 44x44 1074x2016x2200 (E11-N22X4 2TLA040102R0200)
15700020 QGE 44x88 1074x1816x2000 (E11-N20X8 2TLA040101R0300)
15700070 QGE 44x88 1074x2016x2200 (E11-N22X8 2TLA040102R0300)
15700030 QGE Mesh 1074x1816x2000 (E11-N20Z 2TLA040101R0400)
15700040 QGE Hinged Door 2000mm (E11-N20G 2TLA040101R0500)
15700010 QGE 44x44 1074x1816x2000 (E11-N20X4 2TLA040101R0200)


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Product sheet -QuickGuard Express_EN.pdf
Follow Me - QuickGuard.pdf

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