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Sometimes, all you need is a small tube to infill a gap or make some local adjustments. We have a variety of tubes on stock that can be powder coated in any desired RAL colour to fit your installation. The tubes are adjusted to the panel heights to fit both the ST30 and ST20 mesh panels as well as the polycarbonate and steel sheet panels.


Art. Nr Components
20600191 Tube 19x19 L=2350 ST20
30600281 Tube 50x30 L=2350 ST30
30600191 Tube 30x20 L=2350 ST30
30600271 Tube 50x30 L=2050 ST30
30600251 Tube 50x30 L=1250 ST30
30600181 Tube 30x20 L=2050 ST30
30600161 Tube 30x20 L=1250 ST30
20600181 Tube 19x19 L=2050 ST20
20600161 Tube 19x19 L=1250 ST20


Name Type
Product sheet - TUBES_EN.pdf