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Wire Tray System

The wire tray system fits easily to Troax machine guarding range. You can choose to only buy the consoles to fix the wire trays to, or the whole system from Troax. The consoles are available in two sizes to fit a wider and a smaller variant of wire tray. You can fit the console to either our standard 60x40 posts or the stronger 80x80 posts. There is also variant available that fits to the Smart Fix bracket, which gives additional mounting options on the post. The wire trays are available as standard in two sizes; 100 mm and 200 mm wide x2200 mm long. The trays are easily cut on-site using a bolt cropper, to fit in corners and endings.


Art. Nr Components
89100195 Kit Wire tray cnsl fixingx20
89100196 Kit Wire tray connector
89100197 Kit Wiretray T/corner x10
89100198 Wire tray acc. fixing
89100199 Wire tray vertical fixing
89100190 Wiretray post console 100
89100191 Wiretray post console 200
89100192 Wiretray SmF console 100
89100193 Wire tray 2200x100
89100194 Wire tray 2200x200


Name Type
Follow Me - Wire Tray Fixings.pdf
Product sheet - WIRE_TRAY_SYSTEM_ENG.pdf