Beam support fixings

Choose from two versions of beam support fixings, a straight fixing that can be installed directly on the beam where there is space and not something in the way, and an angled version that can be used in the cases where something is in the way just where you need to put the beam support.

The beam supports are easily installed to the belt conveyor beam using U-shaped threaded holders that are wrapped around the beam support on each side of the belt conveyor beam. This assembly is very flexible and fits many widths of belt conveyor beams that are up to 180 mm in height.

The straight and angled beam support fixings, along with the assembly parts are all zinc-nickel coated, providing good corrosion protection (C4 class) suitable for very harsh environments. The beams, U-support and fixing plate are supplied as loose parts in pallets along with a bag including bolts and nuts for each beam. 


Art. Nr Components
36701230 Bracket Smart Fix ZnNi
88699401 Bag for kit beam fixing
89045219 Beam bracket straight
89045220 Beam bracket angled
89045221 U-support M12x60x235
89045222 Fixinplate U-support


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Follow Me - Belt Conveyor Fixing.pdf
Product sheet - Beam support fixings.pdf


Follow Me - Conveyor-Belt System
Impact test - Conveyor Belt Fix, ST20, 1600J
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