The swing door Juliet is an extension of the safety barriers Delta. It can also integrated in the traffic barrier PLUS Echo.

Our swing door Juliet is also available with a wheel. d-flexx swing door element Juliet is made of special flexible material. The swing door opens up to 180°, and returns automatically to its original state (closed) with hydraulic hinges.

It can be obtained in six different passage widths (800 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,200 mm and 1,500 mm, 1,750 mm, 2,000 mm with rollers). In addition, individual dimensions are offered.

The fixing material is always included in the delivery.


Art. Nr Components
12000012 Delta Middle post for Juliet
12000013 Delta T-post for Juliet
12000014 Delta Corner Post Left for Juliet
12000015 Delta Corner Post Right for Juliet
12000016 Delta End post for Juliet
12000017 Delta Sliding plate
12000034 Juliet Doorstop
12000035 Juliet Door 800mm
12000036 Juliet Door 1000mm
12000037 Juliet Door 1200mm
12000038 Juliet Door 1500mm
12000039 Juliet Door 1750mm
12000040 Juliet Door 2000mm
12000041 Juliet Door Ind. Length 800-1200mm
12000042 Juliet Door Ind. Length 1500-2000mm


Name Sort descending Type
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Safety Barrier System
Follow Me - Safety barrier system, Juliet
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