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Art Storage

The base of the art storage system is the UX450 panel. Its 30x20 tubular frame, 3x3.75mm wire and 50x50 mm mesh aperture, is well suited to carry paintings. The door sections with its UX450 panels are combined with 60x40 posts, Z-beams, aluminium rails and floor guides along with other system components. Maximum door section width is 3000 mm using a standard panel height of 2200 mm. Maximum loading capacity per door section is approximately 130 kg, depending on the width, as the maximum total weight of the door section shall not exceed 160 kg with the load included. Standard distance between each door section is c/c 360 mm. There are no limits on how many door sections can be placed in a row, but for the self-supported option, standing on the floor, a post must be used for every 6 door sections. Panels and posts are supplied powder coated in grey RAL 7037 finish, however other RAL colours are available upon request.


Art. Nr Components
36501503 Threaded rod M10x500     Art storage
36501500 Floor guide Art storage
36501501 Rail support z-beam      Art storage
36501502 Rail support ceiling     Art storage
36907940 Kit 7940 Runner boogie   Art storage


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Product sheet - Art storage_EN.pdf
Follow Me - Art Storage.pdf