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Roof Beam

Roof beams are mainly used to complete the roof construction for big cages and server rooms, but they can also be used in the art storage system. The roof beams are z-shaped, and the design is adapted so they perfectly sit on the 60x40 posts and provides support for the roof panels. They can be used for both mesh panels and steel sheet panels. The maximum free-hanging roof size without inner partitioning walls is 7000x7000 mm. Available standard Z-beams are 1500 mm, 2400 mm, 3500 mm. The shorter 1500 mm length is also used as a splice for the longer lengths. The finish is pre-galvanized.


Art. Nr Components
36501208 Z-beam L=1500
36501218 Z-beam L=2400
36501228 Z-beam L=3500


Name Type
Follow Me - Roof Z-profile WP.pdf