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Bracket for Switches

You can order special fittings for the ABB switches Mkey 5, Mkey 8 and Mkey 9 fitting to both sliding or hinged doors. The brackets are made of stainless steel. There is also a mounting plate available for the Adam & Eva (Eden) proximity switch that will fit on a hinged door or hatch.


Art. Nr Components
15600004 Bracket MKey5 Hinged (D29A 2TLA040033R6000)
15600005 Bracket MKey5 sliding (D29B 2TLA040033R6100)
15600006 Bracket Mkey 8&9 Hinged (D29C 2TLA040033R6200)
15600007 Bracket Mkey 8&9 Sliding (D29D 2TLA040033R6300)
15600008 Spacer Flexible Mkey (D29E 2TLA040033R6400)
15600003 Bracket Eden (D4H 2TLA040033R3600)
15600001 Bracket Sense7/JSNY7 Alu (D4E 2TLA040033R1800)
15600002 Bracket Non-Contact Slid (D4G 2TLA040033R3300)


Name Type
Product sheet - Brackets for switches_EN.pdf