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Our proposed padlock for a cellar storage unit is the Anchor 820-2, a grade 3 padlock. It can be used for all three systems Classic, Medium and Safe. We can also provide the grade 4 padlock version, Anchor 800-3, which normally is used for the Garage Safe system. The picture describes the padlock measurements compatible with the securing plates on the doors. The most important is that the shackle inside width must be between 24 and 28mm to fit all Troax Padlock doors.


Art. Nr Components
89100023 Master key Anchor 820-2
89100026 Padlock Anchor 800-3 sys.
89100017 Padlock Anchor 820-2
89100022 Padlock Anchor 820-2sys
89100033 Master key Anchor 800-3


Name Type
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