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Panel ST PC

The polycarbonate ST PC panel is suitable for applications where you need full visibility. Polycarbonate is a naturally transparent thermoplastic. It is both a heat resistant and flame retardant material with excellent fire performance which makes it a good option for machine guarding environments. The 3 mm polycarbonate sheets are fixed to the panel frame from the inside with screws, making it very strong and impact resistant. The ST PC panel is tested to withstand an impact of 1600 joules together with our Smart Fix system. Standard panels are available in 8 widths, from 200 mm to 1500 mm to fit a system height of 2200 mm. Standard colour for the panel frame is black RAL 9005, and the panels can be supplied in any colour of your choice.


Art. Nr Components Height (mm) Width (mm) Mesh size (mm) Frame (mm)
31070606 Panel ST PC 2050x700 3mm 2050 700 Polycarbonate 30x20
31080606 Panel ST PC 2050x800 3mm 2050 800 Polycarbonate 30x20
31020606 Panel ST PC 2050x200 3mm 2050 200 Polycarbonate 30x20
31120606 Panel ST PC 2050x1200 3mm 2050 1200 Polycarbonate 30x20
31150606 Panel ST PC 2050x1500 3mm 2050 1500 Polycarbonate 30x20
31050606 Panel ST PC 2050x500 3mm 2050 500 Polycarbonate 30x20
31100606 Panel ST PC 2050x1000 3mm 2050 1000 Polycarbonate 30x20
31030606 Panel ST PC 2050x300 3mm 2050 300 Polycarbonate 30x20


Name Type
Test Report - Smart Fix 1600J, PC.pdf
Product sheet - PANEL_ST_PC_ENG.pdf