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Troax UX 450 is a stable mesh partition that protects against break-ins. The mesh, constructed from press welded 3x3.75 mm wires, is welded to a 30x20 mm tubular frame for added strength. The mesh aperture 50x50 mm makes it almost impossible to get a hand through. The smooth assembly makes UX 450 adaptable to almost every type of premises. This storage system suits both narrow and wide spaces, regardless of ceiling height. It is compatible with Troax UR 350 and Troax UX 550. The panel is available in 8 widths between 200 mm up to 1500 mm. Troax UX 550 is our most advanced and secure mesh partition. The frame is constructed from 30x20 mm welded tubing and the 50x50 mm mesh size consists of press-welded 5 mm wires. The system has been tested and is approved in accordance with SSF 1990-06-30/B. UX 550 is primarily used in storage spaces in apartment buildings, cellars and attics, where there is a requirement for an extra high level of security. Troax Safe front wall can be complemented with inner partitioning walls from the UX 450 and UR 350 series, though a partitioning wall with UX 550 is the safest choice. The panel is available in 7 widths between 200 mm up to 1500 mm.


Art. Nr Components
36080001 Panel UX450 2200x800
36050001 Panel UX450 2200x500
36070001 Panel UX450 2200x700
36020001 Panel UX450 2200x200
36030001 Panel UX450 2200x300
36120001 Panel UX450 2200x1200
36150001 Panel UX450 2200x1500
36100001 Panel UX450 2200x1000