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Polycarbonate Infill

Use polycarbonate as infill to get a clear view of the hazardous area. The PC-sheet provided by Troax is a 4 or 5 mm clear polycarbonate that is cut to size from a 2050x3050 mm sheet as maximum size. The polycarbonate sheets can be used as infill in combination with mesh or other combinations to create your requested solution. They are fixed to the frame either by using the zinc panel lock for polycarbonate or steel sheets, or the securing strips in black plastic for the PC sheets.    


Art. Nr Components
15800018 SecuringstripABS 842 PC 42TLA040038R0700
15800017 Securingstrip 732 PC 4mm PL2D 2TLA040038R1000
15800016 Securingstrip 1152 PC 4mmPL2B 2TLA040038R0800
15800015 Securingstrip 2000 PC 4mmPL2C 2TLA040038R0900
15890002 PC Netlock Zinc (PL3 2TLA040038R1100)
15800010 Securing Strip 732mm (PL1D 2TLA040038R0400)
15800011 Securing Strip 842mm (PL1A 2TLA040038R0100)
15800012 Securing Strip 1152mm (PL1B 2TLA040038R0200)
15800013 Securing Strip 2000mm (PL1C 2TLA040038R0300)
15200010 PC 5mm 2020x864mm (YPC5A1 2TLA040039R1000)
15200020 PC 5mm 2020x1174mm (YPC5A2 2TLA040039R1100)
15200000 PC 5mm cut to size m2 (YPC5A9 2TLA040039R1200)


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