Carrier Door

Our Carrier door uses a double-track rail to create a maximum opening at a minimum space. It consists of a wall panel and two door-leaf panels. When closed the first door leaf has carried the second door-leaf to the middle position and when fully opened the two door-leaf panels overlaps the wall panel at the same space in width.

There are 2 width options:

 1. Door leaf 980+980 mm with wall panel 1000mm

 2. Door leaf 1180+1180 mm with wall panel 1200 mm

Opening height is 2200 mm. Lock options are padlock, euro cylinder and assa cylinder. The runners above the door-leaf panels slide in a double-track aluminium top rail and guide rails beneath the door-leaf panels steer them firmly in the right direction.


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36905630 Kit 5630 Carrier door WP


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